Ganga Jewellery showcases over 200,000 designs for each of the 200,000 expressions of women. Some of our brands in gold jewellery like Mayoori , Florentina and Zenina are now household name Florentina and Zeninas among Indians who prefer the richness and elegance of 22 karat gold to other lesser karatage gold. In addition to in house, Ganga also offers an extensive collection in platinum and pearl jewellery.

In India Gold has always been associated with security and is the most valuable form of investment. However, it has been observed that consumer is an easy target to several malpractices like under karatage, under valuation of the gold sold and unfair buy back policies due to the lack of awareness about these issues. At Ganga we claim to be the best and give our customers the best when it comes to design and uncompromised quality. We make sure that we give you the premium quality of not only product but service as well. Ganga not only has an exquisite range of designs to meet all your requirements we also offer the benefit of any modification or customization on products.

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